Prompts and Alerts

The prompts and alerting functionality within GOSS plays a major role in impacting the speed with which our clients are processing incidents through to insurance and completion. In general, adoption of this escalation functionality has seen a reduction of the time it takes to complete investigations down to less than a third of the pre-escalation process.

For one client, the automated escalation process was reported to have reduced the average time it took to close an incident from 71 days to 21 days. The General Manager of this Ground Services client commented that “getting the information together for our insurers used to take many phone calls and emails, and would take days. Now I just click a button and all of the information is there”.

How It Works

  • Users are assigned tasks within the incident investigation process
  • If these tasks are not completed an automated escalation process commences alerting managers up the line
    e.g. Station Manager alerted in 3 days, Area Manager alerted after 7 days, Operations Director alerted after 15 days
  • The alerts automatically generate an email to the relevant staff which is sent every day until the issue is completed
  • Custom home pages flag up pending actions per user when appropriate

This functionality demonstrates how GOSS achieves great results through: -

  • alerting managers when incidents and non-conformance issues are identified
  • regularly advising users when they have issues to investigate
  • escalating issues when they are not completed within a relevant timeframe
  • simple online forms which standardise data capture
  • central collation of all incident information
  • secure access from anywhere for anyone in your business
  • automation helping to reduce the time to investigate an incident and act on its outcomes
  • produces auditable information assisting accreditation and SLAs
  • swifter response to insurance queries helps to reduce the insured / non-insured incident costs

Arepo's Ground Operations Software System (GOSS) is provided to aviation ground handling customers as Software as a Service (SaaS). Once an account is set up, users access the system through simple, intuitive web pages.  Owning a company subscription to this online database product could not be easier. If you are interested in this product or our bespoke services then please call our sales team on +44 (0)20 7280 4390 or contact us online for further details.

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