Ground Services Accidents and Incidents

The Ground Operations Software System (GOSS) provides a simple system for managing ground service providers' accidents and incidents involving aircraft, vehicles, facilities and personnel. As well as recording incidents, the software can also be used to log and report on Near Misses in the ground operations environment.

Details of each incident are recorded within the database using simple online forms. Information such as employee/s, third parties, vehicles, aircraft and locations are logged, along with any additional evidence such as documents or images. The software includes detailed process management for each type of event allowing for all management stages.

Follow-up is carefully managed through the system using automated business processes. Department Managers and Quality Controllers are kept informed during various stages of the investigation process, and therefore able to ensure all investigations and actions are followed up promptly.

Emails are automatically sent to users when investigations and follow-up actions are assigned to them. If these actions are not completed in a timely manner, the system repeatedly alerts the user (and their line manager if required) until the actions are completed. This dramatically reduces the amount of time taken to complete the incident investigation. 

In conjunction with email prompts, login-specific warnings are able to highlight overdue and important issues requiring immediate attention through the home page dashboard.

Automated audit tracking allows your system administrator to retrospectively analyse any records that may be disputed.

A set of management reports is available by access level, and automated SLA notifications are emailed, including:

  • Accident Detail
  • Accident Log
  • Accident Full
  • Accident History
  • Monthly Statistics
  • Health & Safety

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