Recording and reporting Near Misses

Many aviation related businesses use the reporting of near misses to assist in their safety programme, helping to identify operational risks prior to an actual incident occurring.

What is a Near Miss?

Near misses are defined as unplanned events that did not result in an injury, illness or damage but that had the potential to do so.

Near misses can be reported through GOSS in a number of ways:  

Standard reporting

Users can add near miss information they observe, or that has been reported to them, through the Incidents Module. All relevant information is captured and users can, if required, assign resource to investigate the issues that led to the near miss occurring.

Anonymous reporting

GOSS can be configured to provide anonymous reporting of near misses. A near miss form can be accessed (through e.g. your intranet) allowing all staff, regardless of role, to report near misses without being identified. This helps to remove any barriers to reporting, resulting in an accessible, non-punitive method of data gathering and reporting. 


Using the GOSS software to record all near misses witnessed within your business, regardless of whether the member of staff reporting it can be identified or not, assists in identifying and resolving potential issues before they cause real damage. This not only has a positive effect in the workplace as staff feel that they can report near misses, but also reduces potential costs if incidents can be stopped at source from occurring.

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