Benefits of ISAGO Audit Software

The Accident and Non Conformance module of the Ground Operations Software System provides Ground Handlers with improved administration and management of the accident recording process, assisting with ISAGO accreditation and auditing processes. By centralising the information using an online database, access can be provided to staff across many different locations, and periodic reporting for ISAGO or internal processes can be carried out at head office, station or department levels.

The Accident and Non Conformance module delivers:

  • An effective communication system ensuring the exchange of relevant operational information between senior managers, operational managers, Quality Assurance and front line personnel
  • Complete workflow management for all accidents entered on the database
  • Administration, escalation and authorisation of all accident and issue reports
  • Electronic recording of event information and centralised storage of related documents and images
  • Access management by Airport / Station, head office and department staff
  • Management reporting including monthly and annual trend analysis
  • Employee trend analysis of accidents and injuries
  • Audit processes and centralised access to log book data

The module allows for accidents to be recorded as RIDDOR events, assisting with general Health and Safety reporting procedures.

Arepo's Ground Operations Software System (GOSS) is provided to aviation ground handling customers as Software as a Service (SaaS). Once an account is set up, users access the system through simple, intuitive web pages.  Owning a company subscription to this online database product could not be easier. If you are interested in this product or our bespoke services then please call our sales team on +44 (0)20 7280 4390 or contact us online for further details.

Aviation Ground Operations

ISAGO auditing

record airside accidents and incidents to help your IATA ISAGO registration and accreditation

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report operational delays to clients and customers

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