Managing Voucher Redemption at Airport Lounges

Airport lounge use has increased with Airlines and Airports continually improving their value added services to customers. With many lounges being managed by Ground Service providers, the Voucher Redemption module provides a single, centralised software application to help Ground Handling companies manage their operations across multiple locations. 

Keeping track of the pre-sold or promotional vouchers able to use the Airport Lounges can be difficult. As use of a single fraudulent voucher a day could be costing lounges thousands of pounds a year, Ground Service Providers need to ensure that front line staff are able to confirm that vouchers from multiple sources including online sales and affiliate deals, are valid. Use of the Voucher Redemption module in real time provides staff with voucher validation and assists business reporting and contractual obligations. 

Use of the airport lounge Voucher Redemption module provides:

  • The generation of secure voucher reference numbers used to create pre-printed voucher stock or sent to affiliates to create promotions
  • Logging of all vouchers utilised at each airport lounge
  • A simple but effective lookup engine allowing only valid vouchers to be redeemed
  • Integration with third party sales agents allowing customer usage of your lounges to be monitored
  • Provide varied login access to Supervisors, Departmental Managers, back office and front line staff
  • Email notification and audit logs as third party data is imported
  • Access to management reports demonstrating the actual use of lounge vouchers across different locations

Owning a company subscription to the Ground Operations Software System could not be easier as all that is required is web access. If you are interested in this product then please call our sales team on +44 (0)20 7280 4390 or email for further details and we'll arrange a demonstration. 

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