Audits for Ground Operations

In the time critical environment of an airport's Airside Operations, various parties including Airfield Operations, Airlines and Ground Service Providers often need to check that services are being provided safely and that they comply with any agreed Service Level Agreements. 

The flexibility of GOSS allows an account to access standard industry audits, such as IATA's ISAGO audit, as well as company specific audits.

Examples of customised audits include:

  • Turnaround audit for Ground Handlers
  • Turnaround audit for Airport Airside Operations
  • Health & Safety
  • Vehicle and GSE checks
  • Baggage Handling checks
  • Manual Handling

Each audit can be configured so that non-compliant responses automatically generate a follow-up action that is emailed to relevant personnel.

GOSS provides reporting on all audits completed and alerts managers when actions have not been followed up in a timely manner.

Contact us and we’ll demonstrate to you:

  • How simple online forms can be used to record and audit the ground handling services you provide
  • The benefits of a centralised application for monitoring and reporting your services across multiple airports and airlines
  • Easy maintenance of staff and vehicle lists specific to each airport location
  • Data and graphical display of management reports

A GOSS account provides you with:

  • Your own branded database application where you can log details of your services within a centralised database
  • Provide varied login access to Supervisors, Departmental Managers, and other back office staff
  • Receive email notification as audits are completed
  • Access to management reports comparing audits across multiple departments or locations

Owning a company subscription to the Ground Operations Software System could not be easier. If you would like to find out more then please call our sales team on +44 (0)20 7280 4390 or email for further details.

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report operational delays to clients and customers

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