Operational Audits for Ground Services

As in any operational environment, audits carried out by internal or external auditors are an effective tool to measure how your ground services are performing. Audits help your business to ensure that each of your processes and procedures are working effectively, allowing you to feed back to the relevant managers and identify any areas of the business that could be improved.

The Ground Operations Software System allows Audits to be configured specifically to each account but generally include audit checklists for:

Checklists can be used to replicate existing paper-based audit process for ISAGO, Health & Safety at work and Manual Handling programmes such as Pristine Condition’s Traca monitoring.

Simple online forms are used to input the information collated during the audits and all of the data is stored within a centralised database, allowing secure access for reporting and analysis from any web-enabled device.

GOSS automates the audit process, creating specific follow up actions that can be assigned to any user. Action alerts are emailed immediately to each relevant user. Each stage of the follow up is fully auditable, allowing managers to track the continuous improvement processes within your business.

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