Managing Staff Payroll and Time & Attendance

In addition to using GOSS, our customers often like to call upon us to help with other operational requirements they have. One such solution was a Time & Attendance module, requested by the IT Department of a large GSP, for their Payroll team in a busy UK airport. 

The business had been operating a legacy Payroll database for over 10 years that had been developed and supported by internal IT staff. The payroll application could not be developed further to match the operational requirements of the evolving Ground Services business and so Arepo were asked to investigate the possibility of adding the functionality to the GSP's GOSS account.

The task was to build an application to replace, and improve on, the existing payroll system, whilst also providing improved business continuity and disaster recovery. Following a period of analysis, the new GOSS Payroll module was developed and customised to the GSP's local requirements, and was operational within weeks. The project also included the migration of the GSP's data onto their new module account.

The Payroll module is designed to help Ground Services Providers manage their payroll functions. This GSP account includes:

  • processing all new starters and leavers
  • production of employee employment contracts
  • maintaining static payroll data
  • adding weekly payroll information, including overtime
  • management of a range of complex employee contracts
  • proactive management of weekly payroll totals and head count
  • performing sick leave, holiday and all other absence analysis
  • collating monthly timesheets
  • processing and submission of the monthly payroll
  • reporting to the finance system

The GSP's Airport Payroll Administrator comments that "the Payroll module totally meets the needs of the business. My colleagues love it! It is completely fit for our purposes and is quick and simple to use, especially given the range and complexity of the staff contracts that we have in place". The GOSS subscription includes support and maintenance. "Just like the software, the support service we receive is quick and excellent as well" the Payroll Administrator continues.

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