Smartphone app for Airside Transport management

The Ground Ops Software System smartphone application provides an enhanced airside transport and crew movement management solution. Transport jobs are assigned to specific vehicles and the web-based application sends the job details to the relevant driver. The smartphone app displays all of the job information to allow the driver to complete each transfer.

Drivers use the app within all of their airside duties. This collects additional information including time and GPS stamps for each element of the airside job. The data is uploaded in real time to the Ground Ops software database ensuring that airside movements are completed within the required SLA's. 


The GPS and time data is stored with each job allowing the data to be displayed and visualised as a map or satellite image overview.  

GOSS is provided to aviation customers as a Software as a Service solution. Once an account is set up, users access the system through simple web pages or our smartphone application ensuring that the consistent standards of data input required by your Ramp Operations are enforced. Access levels are easily defined enabling different access rights to corporate and station levels, and providing internal audit teams and head office staff with a global overview of the business. 

Owning a company subscription to this online database product could not be easier. If you are interested in this product or our bespoke services then please call our sales team on +44 (0)20 7280 4390 or contact us online for further details.

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