Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be uploaded to the online Document Library within your Ground Operations Software System account. These can be assigned to specific Airports and / or Clients associated to your account and are accessible to all relevant staff.

The SOPs can be referenced to all Ground Operations Manuals to which they apply, as well as being linked to any Risk Assessments or other specific documents.

Staff and managers can access and view the Ground Operations Manuals specific to their Airport location whilst they are performing their duties using any internet-enabled device. This provides real-time access to these important operational documents without the need to return to an office location.

Documents are controlled by Head Office or Station managers, ensuring that the latest versions are being utilised across your business. As new documents are added or amended, management staff are alerted via email. Version control information is maintained for all documents within your account's library.

The document library is linked to other GOSS modules and allows the tracking of document usage to improve auditing processes. For instance, where a Risk Assessment is referenced within an incident, the user adding the incident is prompted to review the Risk Assessment and either sign off as fit for purpose, or, escalate relevant changes required to Account administrators or managers.

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