Document Library for Operations Manuals and Procedures

The Document Library module provides a secure online repository for any of your business documents delivering a simple intranet application to your operational locations. Files such as Operations Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other internal or regulatory documents such as Risk Assessments or Policies and Procedures, can be uploaded, stored and related to various categories that you may configure yourself. For example, your  documents could be associated with ‘Health and Safety’, ‘Baggage Handling procedures’, ‘Refueling’ or 'Policies & Procedures'.


Access is restricted by Airport if you choose to assign one to a document, otherwise documents are available to all Locations where you operate. Documents can be uploaded in any common format such as Word, Excel, PDF or TIF. All of the uploaded documents are stored in your account and are accessible by staff with the relevant privileges e.g. staff in Heathrow are only able to see documents that relate to your business as a whole and LHR-specific documents. They cannot view documents that relate specifically to other airports.


Documents are controlled by Head Office or Station managers, ensuring that the latest versions are being utilised across your business. As new documents are added or amended, management staff are alerted via email. Version control information is maintained for all documents within your account's library. 

The document library is linked to other GOSS modules and allows the tracking of document usage to improve auditing processes. For instance, where a Risk Assessment is referrenced within an incident, the user adding the incident is prompted to review the Risk Assessment and either sign off as fit for purpose, or, escalate relevant changes required to Account administrators or managers.  

Your staff can access their GOSS account from any device with an internet connection. Operational staff can check policies, SOPs or operations manuals using a tablet (iPad, Android or Windows) or other internet connected device whilst carrying out their duties, without the need to return to the office. 

Contact us and we’ll demonstrate to you:

  • How simple online forms can be used to record and audit the ground handling services you provide
  • The benefits of a centralised application for monitoring and reporting your services across multiple airports and airlines
  • Easy maintenance of staff and vehicle lists specific to each airport location
  • Data and graphical display of management reports

A GOSS account provides you with:

  • Your own branded database application where you can log details of your services within a centralised database
  • Provide varied login access to Supervisors, Departmental Managers, and back office staff
  • Receive email notification as flight audits are completed
  • Access to management reports comparing flight audits across multiple locations

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