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Arepo are offering a free trial of the Ground Operations Software System (GOSS).

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  • Provide you with a centralised software solution for key ground operations
  • Save you time and money across your business by using online forms and processes
  • Automate your safety reporting processes
  • Help you report on critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help your Service Level Agreements

We think that once you’ve seen the benefits that the web-based Ground Operations Software System can provide your business, you will want to carry on and try it for yourself.

We’re offering an extended free 30-day trial for all companies who receive the online demonstration.

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Aviation Ground Operations

ISAGO auditing

record airside accidents and incidents to help your IATA ISAGO registration and accreditation

Accident recording

manage internal RIDDOR processes and reporting

Delay reporting

report operational delays to clients and customers

Ramp Audit

record flight turnaround and ramp operations for SLA analysis

Lounge vouchers

record the use of vouchers in airport lounges

Our customers say

"GOSS is a superb software solution for us, which helps us maintain our ISAGO accreditation year on year"

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