Flight Watch and Ramp Audits

The Flight Watch and Ramp Audit module provides a simple, web page form to collect operational audit information about the services Ground Handling Agents provide during an aircraft turnaround. If you're using paper forms to collect the information, scanned versions can be uploaded and stored within the database. Alternatively staff carrying out the audit can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to collect the information in real time. 

The Flight Watch Audit allows operational data to be collected including:

  • Key services performed
  • Staff on duty
  • First and last bag loading times
  • Arrival or Departure operations
  • Prevailing weather conditions
This provides management analysis of the ground services carried out per aircraft and can provide the statistics required to support contractual Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements. For instance, Ground Service Providers can generate average bag loading times associated with a particular aircraft type or airline. This type of statistical information could also be used when quoting for new ground handling contracts or for analysing the effect of differing weather conditions on operational performance.

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* Requires Internet access on the mobile device

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